How might road pricing affect the cost of your commute?

The Mayors’ Plan proposed several new funding sources for regional transportation. Voters rejected a PST hike, and the BC government has ruled out using a share of the carbon tax. Road pricing is one of the few remaining options on the table.

The Mayors have proposed phasing out the current gas tax (17 cents/L) in favour of a per-kilometre charge for road usage. This app allows you to calculate the cost of any trip in Metro Vancouver under different hypothetical levels of gas tax and road pricing.

What you currently pay:

What you would pay:

Enter your trip origin (address, intersection or landmark in Metro Vancouver), destination and car type below. Explore how changes in the gas tax and road pricing will affect the cost of your trip. As gas tax declines, road pricing will increase. Keep in mind, the funding generated by one cent per km of road pricing is roughly equivalent to six to eight cents per litre of gas tax.

This calculator is part of Moving Forward, a data journalism project by Discourse Media.

Sources: fuel consumption data from Canadian Automobile Association . Scenarios for funding sources based on Appendix F of the Mayors’ Plan .